Designed to install inside medium to large sized AHU models

The UVC Steril Aire lights DE series are ideal to install inside medium to large sized AHU models for industry and medical applications. UVC lights DE series can also be mounted individually in many other locations to promote the maximum of the ability to kill bacteria.

UVC germicidal lights DE series have a variety of product codes with different lengths and output to create flexibility and ensure compatibility with almost all HVAC systems..

From reducing energy consumption and controlling costs, to optimizing the job performance of people and machines, UVC solutions from Steril Aire have shown benefits for your businesses and organizations.

The benefits of the germicidal light DE series.

  • UVC technology has been scientifically proven and supported: ultraviolet irradiation method has been proven to be effective in disabling the active of mold, bacteria and viruses.

  • Energy saving: by the method of restoring heat transfer and airflow uniformity to bring the ability of high energy saving.

  • Improve IAQ: prevent the development and spread of pathogens in scope of operation.

  • Safe: produce no ozone and other secondary pollutants.

  • Improve operational efficiency: eliminates costly HVAC cleaning programs, increases system lifespan.