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uvc technology from steril-aire
<h3>UVC light DE series</h3>

UVC light DE series

Designed for medium to large sized AHU models. Performance is up to 6 times higher than similar products.
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<h3>UVC light RGTS series</h3>

UVC light RGTS series

The ideal choice for infection control at home, apartment buildings, offices, hospitals …
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<h3>UVC light RSE series</h3>

UVC light RSE series

Designed for medium to large sized AHU models, optimized to save costs and energy.
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Mobile isolation room

Install quickly, flexibly; filter and disinfect.

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Disinfect in the HVAC systems

Hepa filter

  • Filter efficiency up to 99.97%.

  • Treat ultra-fine MP 2.5 dust and particles of minimum size and 0.3 micron.
  • Strong, meet the most stringent filtering requirements.

F8 filter

  • The from F5-F8 filters provide filter efficiency from 90% to 95%.

  • Durable with ability of abrasion resistance.

  • Reliable in dusty environment and high humidity.

G4 filter

  • Filter efficiency reaches 80% – 90% according to European standards.

  • High elasticity and environmentally friendly materials.

  • For general filtration requirements with dust larger than 10 microns.

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