Designed to install inside medium to large sized AHU models

Did you know that your air conditioning system is the consistent environment for thriving on mold, bacteria and viruses? The best way for you to fight against these air pollutant elements is to eliminate them at the source.

Installed inside HVAC systems, Steril Aire’s UVC germicidal lights will kill mold, bacteria and viruses before they can spread throughout your home. Safe and free of ozone, Steril Aire brings you better air quality.

UVC germicidal lights RSE series is divided into 3 types “N”, “W” and “A”, suitable for many installation options and different environment.

The benefits of the germicidal light RSE series

  • UVC technology has been scientifically proven and supported: ultraviolet irradiation method has been proven to be effective in disabling the active of mold, bacteria and viruses.

  • Energy saving: by the method of restoring heat transfer and airflow uniformity to bring the ability of high energy saving.

  • Improve IAQ: prevent the development and spread of pathogens in scope of operation.

  • Safe: produce no ozone and other secondary pollutants.

  • Improve operational efficiency: eliminates costly HVAC cleaning programs, increases system lifespan.